Foundries are the main actors of the most of the industries. Especially for automotive and heavy industries are the main customers of foundries. Meantime, foundries are the most dust releasing industries in the world.

Divison of Foundries

  • Sand Preperation : (Reclamation): Could be thermal or mechanic reclamation. Polygon screen, mixer, shaker screen, conveyor belt pouring points,are the main dust sources.
  • Sand Cooling: Where the sand is cooled down. One of the most important dust sources, must be careful due to temperature differences.
  • Coreshop: CO2 and Amine Gas is released. These gases must be filtered by wet scrubbers.
  • Induction Furnace: Fume and dust released from induction furnaces must be collected from the source and filtered before releasing the atmosphere.
  • Grinding
  • Sand/Shot Blasting
  • Machining

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