During Plasma and Laser Cutting application, intense and hazardous fume and dust are released. Thats why most of the plasma/laser cutting tables have air filtration unit. Those air filtration and dust collectors extract the fume and dust releasing from the plasma/laser cutting tables and filters it. After filtration, the air could be released to the ambient or the atmosphere.

As HTM Filter Technologies, we are able to replace your original equipments and cartridge filters with the same (maybe even better) quality equivalent filters. In Plasma Cutting tables, Donaldson branded cartridge filters are generally used. HTM Filter Technologies has the equivalent media to Donaldson UltraWeb media.HTM Nanotek series, Nanofiber coated FR featured cartridge filters are working safe and sound in many Plasma/Laser cutting machines.

In Laser cutting tables, we are also able to replace your original equipped cartridge or flat panel filters. Donaldson Unicell, TRUMPF Handte and AMADA filters can be easilly equipped with the same quality.

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