HTM Filter Technologies

As HTM Filter Technologies, with the great exprience and knowledge in dust filtration market, we are continuosly trying hard to find the best raw material all around the world and serve our customer with affordable prices. We are closely following the filtration technologies and innovations. Main purpose of this effort is to serve our customer better. This effort make our products very innovative, high quality and much more affordable. We are ready to find the best and the most economical solutions to our customers and partners.

Our sales and production operation is in Istanbul where is one of the most important and
the biggest metropols. Throughout the history, Istanbul is always center of trade, cultural activities and production for Europe, Middle East and Asian countries. As HTM Filter Technologies, we are producing our products with the inspiration Istanbul giving us. Even

if you are not interested in our products, we know you will love Istanbul.

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    Material Search

    Heart of the filter is media. HTM Filter always serves the best media to it’s customers.

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    Technical Analysis

    We don’t accept the media without technical analysis. Data is everything!

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    Compliance Test

    If data cannot be processing, it is just number. We make compliance tests to process.

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    Good media can only become good filter in gifted hand. We give the attention it deserves.

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    Quality Check

    Qualified product cannot be produced without quality check. Quality Control is real matter for us.