pliseli torba filtre

As HTM Filter, we are able to produce Pleated Bag Filters. We are using high quality filter media, glue and bands in our products. We are choosing the right material for your specific application and dust characteristics.

Filter Media Options:

  • PolyMight – 260 g/m² Polyester
  • PolyMight HO – Hydro and Oleophobic featured 260 g/m² Polyester
  • PolyMight ALU – 260 g/m² Aluminized Polyester, Antistatic
  • PolyMight PTFE 55 – ePTFE Membrane Coated E12 Class Polyester
  • PolyMight PTFE 65 – ePTFE Membrane Coated E13-E14 Class Polyester
  • PolyMight ALU PTFE – ePTFE Membrane Coated E11-E12 Class Aluminized Polyester, Antistatic

Pleated Bag Filters are preffered among bag filter change out. The difference between cartridge filters and pleated bag filters is that pleated bag filters has lower pleat height. This constructional difference make dust release easier when the dust load is high. In the industry, many maintenance responsible claim that pleated bag filters are not working properly, however their experience are mainly with cartridge filters and they usually mix pleated bag filters and cartridge filters. However pleated bag filters works efficiently where bag filters work.

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